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Type userfunhelp(compile_unix) for information on how to compile a user
  function for use with a Unix version of Macanova, including Motif.

Keywords: user functions, compiling
This topic provides some details about compiling a user function to be
used with a Unix version of MacAnova (including Unix Motif).

                       Hewlett-Packard UX (HPUX)
The file to load must be a shared library.  This can be constructed, for
example, by
  cc -c +z -Aa fooeval.c
  ld -b fooeval.o -o
It should be loaded by loadUser("").

At present (version 4.05 release 1), there may be unsatisfied external
problems when linking with system libraries.

                          Other Unix Versions
Compilation and linking commands may be different.  MacAnova will have
to have been compiled and linked with functions for using a shared
library.  The actual loading of shared libraries and execution of
routines in them is done in file dynload.c.  Currently (July 1997) this
has been coded only for HPUX (using shl_load() and shl_findsym()).  Most
Unix versions will have similar functions.  For example, on IRIX, the
corresponding functions are dlopen() and dlsym().

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15