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dasteplook(name1, name2, ...), names selected from  'model', 'hpluse',
  'e', 'in', 'F', 'fh', 'fe', and 'history' dasteplook(all)

Keywords: classification, discrimination, stepwise
dasteplook(compname), where compname is the name of a component of
variable _DASTEPSTATE, that is one of 'model', 'hpluse', 'e', 'in',
'F', 'fh', 'fe', and 'history', returns that component of
_DASTEPSTATE.  See topic '_DASTEPSTATE' for details on these components

compname can either be quoted, as in dasteplook("hpluse"), or unquoted,
as in dasteplook(hpluse).

dasteplook(compname1, compname2, ...), where the compnames are quoted
or unquoted _DASTEPSTATE component names, returns a structure
consisting of those components.

dasteplook(all) or dasteplook("all") return all of _DASTEPSTATE as

dasteplook() is designed for use in a macro which controls the use of
macros dastepsetup(), daentervar(), daremovevar() to carry out an entire
stepwise dependent variable selection.

See also topics dastepsetup(), daentervar(), daremovevar() and

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15