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sampcdf(x [,quiet:T, keep:T, draw:T] [,graphics keywords]), x REAL
  vector with no MISSING elements

Keywords: distribution graphs, line graphs
sampcdf(x [,graphics keywords]), where x is a REAL vector, draws the
sample cumulative distribution function (CDF) of x.  The graphics
keywords may include 'xlab', 'ylab', 'title', 'linetype', 'show' and
'keep'.  See topic 'graph_keys'.  Any MISSING elements are removed

sampcdf(x, quiet:T [,graphics keywords]) does the same except any
warning messages are suppressed.

sampcdf(x, save:T [,graphics keywords]) doesn't draw the CDF.  Instead
it returns as value
   structure(x:xvals,y:yvals [,graphics keywords],lines:T),
where xvals and yvals are REAL vectors defining the lines making up the
CDF.  Note that any graphics keyword phrases that are arguments are
components of the structure.

sampcdf(x, save:T, draw:T [,graphics keywords]) both draws the CDF and
returns a structure.

   Cmd> sampcdf(x, xlab:"Bunny weight",\
                title:"Sample CDF of Bunny Weights", wind:1)
   Cmd> GRAPHWINDOWS[1] <- sampcdf(x, save:T, xlab:"Bunny weight",\
                title:"Sample CDF of Bunny Weights")

will draw a sample CDF in graphics window 1.

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15