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ceiling(x), x REAL or a structure with REAL components

Keywords: transformations
ceiling (x) rounds the elements of the REAL variable x to the next
integer in the positive direction, producing a vector, matrix, or array
with the same shape as x.

  Cmd> ceiling(vector(3.1416, -3.1416, 12))
  (1)           4          -3          12

When x > 4503599627370495 or x < -4503599627370495, ceiling(x) is set to
MISSING because of the impossibility of exact representation of integers
beyond these limits.  These limits may be different on some computers.

When x is a structure consisting of REAL components, so is ceiling(x).
If the i-th component of x is xi, the i-th component of ceiling(x) is

See also topics floor(), round(), 'structures'.

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15