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cconj(cx), cx a REAL matrix representing complex data

Keywords: time series, complex arithmetic
cconj(cx) returns the complex conjugates of successive pairs of columns
of the matrix cx, considered as the real and imaginary parts of complex
series.  The real and imaginary parts of the results are in alternating

When cx has an odd number, say 2*m-1, of columns, the last column is
interpreted as the real part of a complex series with zero imaginary
part.  In the result, an extra column of zeros is added, so the result
has 2*m columns representing m complex series with both real and
imaginary parts.

See also hconj(), hreal(), himag(), creal(), cimag().

See topic 'complex' for discussion of complex matrices in MacAnova.

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15