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confound3(basis), REAL matrix basis containing confounding generators

Keywords: confounding, design, factorial
confound3(basis) confounds a three series factorial into blocks based on
the generators given in the matrix basis.  Results are returned in a
structure with component names 'block1', 'block2', etc.  Each component
has a CHARACTER vector of factor/level combinations for that block.

The p x k matrix basis contains the generators for the confounding, one
row for each generator and one column for each factor in the design.
The elements in basis are 0, 1, or 2, indicating the exponent of each
factor in the generator.

  Cmd> print(e,format:"2.0f")# Matrix e is 1x2 (one generator in a 3^2)
  (1,1)  1  2        [A^1 B^2 is a generator]

  Cmd> confound3(e)
  component: block1
  (1) "00"
  (2) "11"
  (3) "22"
  component: block2
  (1) "10"
  (2) "21"
  (3) "02"
  component: block3
  (1) "20"
  (2) "01"
  (3) "12"

See also aliases3(), confound2()

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15