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for(i,run(n)){breakif(x[i] < 0) .... }
for(i,run(n)){for(j,run(m)){breakif(x[i,j] < 0, 2) ...}}

Keywords: control, syntax
breakif(Logical) is equivalent to if(Logical){break;} .
breakif(Logical,n) is equivalent to if(Logical){break n;} .

It is implemented as a pre-defined in-line macro.  It can be used only
inside a loop and n must not exceed the number of containing loops.

  Cmd> for(i,run(length(x))){breakif(abs(x[i]) > 3)}
computes the index i of the first element on vector x to exceed 3 in
absolute value.

See also topics 'break', 'breakall', 'next'.

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15