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vboxplot(x1,x2,...,xk [, graphics keyword phrases]), arguments REAL
vboxplot(Struc, [, graphics keyword phrases]), Struc a structure with
  REAL vector components

Keywords: plotting, descriptive statistics
vboxplot(var1, var2, ... , vark [,graphics keyword phrases]) produces
vertically oriented parallel Tukey boxplots for the vectors var1 through
vark.  It is identical with boxplot(var1, var2, ..., vark, vertical:T
[,graphics keyword phrases]).

vboxplot(Struc [,graphics keyword phrases]) produces vertically oriented
parallel box plots for the components of structure Struc, all of which
must be vectors.  It is identical with boxplot(Struct, vertical:T
[,graphics keyword phrases]).

You can use all the graphics keyword phrases that boxplot()

For more information including how to use split() to create a structure
argument, see boxplot().

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15