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varnames(Model [,stripat:T,stripbrack:T]) where Model is CHARACTER
  scalar containing a GLM model
varnames([stripat:T,stripbrack:T]) is equivalent to varnames(STRMODEL

Keywords: variables, glm, character variables
varnames(Model) returns as a CHARACTER vector the name of the response
variable followed by the names of the factors and variates in Model in
the order they first appear.  Model should be a CHARACTER variable or
quoted string.

Model must contain a legal GLM model, except that variables in the model
need not be REAL or even be defined.  Variables to evaluated "on the
fly" are not evaluated and the expression is returned as the name
enclosed in {...}.  See topic 'models'.

NOTE: This represents a change from earlier versions.  Previously
varnames(Model) extracted the variable names without checking the
validity of the model and did not handle expressions to be evaluated on
the fly correctly.

varnames(Model, stripbrack:T) does the same, except any names which are
expressions are not enclosed in {...}.

varnames(Model, stripat:T [,stripbrack:T]) does the same, except any
non-expression names which are temporary variables have the leading '@'
strippped off.

varnames([keyword phrases]) without a model is equivalent to
varnames(STRMODEL [,keyword phrases]), returning a vector of the names
of the variables in STRMODEL.  This is usually the model used by the
most recent GLM (generalized linear or linear model) command such as
regress(), anova(), or poisson().

  Cmd> varnames("{log(y)} = @x + {@x^2}")
  (1) "{log(y)}"
  (2) "@x"
  (3) "{@x^2}"

  Cmd> varnames("{log(y)} = @x + {@x^2}",stripat:T)
  (1) "{log(y)}"
  (2) "x"
  (3) "{@x^2}"

  Cmd> varnames("{log(y)} = @x + {@x^2}",stripbrack:T)
  (1) "log(y)"
  (2) "@x"
  (3) "@x^2"

  Cmd> varnames("{log(y)} = @x + {@x^2}",stripbrack:T,stripat:T)
  (1) "log(y)"
  (2) "x"
  (3) "@x^2"

See also topics xvariables(), modelvars(), 'models', compnames(),
nameof(), 'glm'.

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15