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showplot([Graph] [,graphics keyword phrases])

Keywords: plotting
showplot(Graph) redraws the graph whose information is encapulated in
Graph, which must be a variable of type GRAPH.  If Graph is omitted,
GRAPH variable LASTPLOT is plotted instead.

If option 'dumbplot' has been set False (see subtopic
'options:"dumbplot"'), the plot will be a low resolution plot unless
'dumb:F' is an argument.

Keywords 'dumb', 'xmin', 'xmax', 'ymin', 'ymax', 'logx', 'logy', 'xlab',
'ylab', 'title', 'xaxis', 'yaxis', 'borders', 'ticks', 'xticks',
'yticks', 'xticklen', 'yticklen', 'xticklabs', 'yticklabs', 'height',
'width', 'pause', 'silent' and 'notes' may be used as for other plotting
commands.  See topics 'graph_keys', 'graph_border' and 'graph_keys'.
This allows you to change the original labeling and limits, as well as
modify tick mark placement and labelling and which borders of the plot
are drawn.

As all plotting commands, showplot() updates LASTPLOT to reflect the
graph being plotted.  To suppress the creation or updating of LASTPLOT,
use keyword phrase 'keep:F' as an argument.  Occasionally when memory is
limited, it may be necessary to use keep:F to view the graph.

See topic 'graph_assign' for information on another way to make plots.

See also plot(), chplot(), lineplot().

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15