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attachnotes(x,Notes), Notes a CHARACTER scalar or vector or NULL

Keywords: general, macros, variables
attachnotes(x, Notes) "attaches" Notes to variable x as descriptive

When Notes is NULL, any existing notes are removed from x.  Otherwise,
Notes must be a CHARACTER scalar or vector, usually containing
descriptive information about variable or macro x.

x must be an existing variable of any type, including a structure, a
macro or a GRAPH variable.  You can't attach notes to certain special
variables like CLIPBOARD and GRAPHWINDOWS.

You can retrieve notes using getnotes() and append notes to previously
attached notes using appendnotes().  You can test whether a variable has
notes attached using hasnotes().

See also topics 'notes', appendnotes(), getnotes(), hasnotes().

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15