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x <- read(FileName, setName or macroName [,quiet:T or F, echo:T or F,\
  printname:F,labels:Labels, silent:T, notfoundok:T, nofileok:T,\
  badkeyok:T, prompt:F]), fileName and setName CHARACTER scalars;
  FileName can also be CONSOLE or have the form string:charVal where
  charVal is a CHARACTER scalar or vector.

Keywords: macros, input, files, missing values
read() can be used instead of either matread() and macroread().  It
recognizes the same keywords.  In fact, the only difference from
matread() and macroread() is that matread() gives a warning message when
reading a macro and macroread() gives a warning message when reading a
data set.  read() makes no such complaint.  See matread() and
macroread() for details.

See also topics getdata(), getmacros(), vecread(), readcols(),
'matread_file', 'macro_files'.

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15