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polygamma(x [,n]), x REAL with positive elements or a structure with
  REAL components with positive elements, integer n >= 0

Keywords: transformations
polygamma(x,0) and polygamma(x) both return the digamma function (first
derivative of log(gamma(x))) of the elements of x, when x is a REAL
scalar, vector, matrix or array with positive elements.  The result has
the same shape as x.  You can use digamma(x) instead.

polygamma(x, n), where n > 0 is an integer returns the n-th derivative
of the digamma function ((n+1)-th derivative of log(gamma(x))).

polygamma(x, n, scale:T) returns (-1)^(n+1)*n!*polygamma(x,n).

For n >= 1, polygamma(x, n, scale:T) = sum((x+k)^(-n-1),k=0,1,2,...,oo).
In particular, polygamma(1,n,scale:T) computes zeta(n+1), where zeta(s)
is the Riemann Zeta function.

When x is a structure, all of whose non-structure components are REAL
with positive elements, polygamma(x [,n] [,scale:T]) returns a structure
of the same shape and with the same component names as x with each
non-structure component transformed by polygamma().

polygamma(x, n) can also be used when x is a CHARACTER variable and n,
if present, is a quoted string or CHARACTER scalar or REAL scalar.  The
result is a CHARACTER variable of the same shape as x describing the
transformation.  See example below.

Any element of x that is "" or starts with '@', '(', '[', '{', '<', '/'
or '\' is not modified.  This can be useful for creating labels for a
transformed variable.

  Cmd> polygamma(run(10)) # or polygamma(run(10),0), or digamma(run(10))
  (1)    -0.57722     0.42278     0.92278      1.2561      1.5061
  (6)      1.7061      1.8728      2.0156      2.1406      2.2518

  Cmd> polygamma(run(1,2,.25),1) # trigamma
  (1)      1.6449      1.1973      0.9348      0.7641     0.64493

  Cmd> polygamma(vector("x","y"),3) # or polygamma(vector("x","y"),"3")
  (1) "polygamma(x,3)"
  (2) "polygamma(y,3)"

  Cmd> print(nsig:17,polygamma(1,23,scale:T),name:"zeta(24)")
  (1)       1.0000000596081891

See also digamma(), lgamma(), 'transformations'.

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15