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more(x [, nsig:n, format:Fmt, missing:M ,stripdol:T]), where x is a
  macro or is a REAL, CHARACTER, or LOGICAL variable, n > 0 is an
  integer, Fmt and M are CHARACTER scalars

Keywords: output, general
more(x) displays object x using a 'paging' program that displays a
screenful at a time.  On Unix/Linux by default it uses Unix/Linux
program 'more'.  If variable PAGER exists and is a CHARACTER scalar,
then it is assumed to specify a paging program.  For example, on some
Unix/Linux systems, if the value of PAGER is "less -x4", then more()
invokes Unix/Linux program 'less' with tab stops set every 4 positions.

By default, when x is a macro, more(x) displays it after stripping off
'$$' from temporary variable names.  Use more(x,stripdol:F) To see the
actual '$$' in the macro.

When x is REAL, you may use any of keywords 'nsig', 'format', and
'missing' as on print(), but not 'name' and 'file'.

The lines written to the screen are not written to a spool file, nor are
they redisplayed after a plot.  See spool().

More is implemented as a pre-defined macro and is not available in all
versions of MacAnova.

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15