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listbrief([invis:T]) or listbrief(var1 [, var2, ...])
listbrief([all:T, real:T or F, char:T or F, logic:T or F, macro:T or F,\
  struct:T or F, null:T or F, keep:T, nrows:n1, ncols:n2, ndims:n3]),
  use F's only with all:T, n1, n2, n3 > 0 integers

Keywords: general
listbrief() lists the names of currently active variables, including
structures and macros.  No information on type or dimension is given.

listbrief(invis:T) does the same, but also includes temporary variables
and variables whose names start with '_'.

listbrief(var1, var2, ..., vark) does the same for specified variables,
except that undefined variables in the list are identified.

listbrief(pat:Pattern [,invis:T]) lists variables whose names match the
value of quoted string or CHARACTER variable Pattern.  If Pattern is a
quoted string, 'pat:' may be ommitted.  See list() for details.

You can also use keywords 'real', 'factor', 'logic', 'char', 'macro',
'struc', 'null', 'all', 'keep', 'nrows', 'ncols', and 'ndims' as in

See also delete().

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15