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This document is provided as a detailed reference to the commands and functions distributed with MacAnova. The sections here are slightly reformatted versions of the material that is available on-line in MacAnova using the help() command. Thus, for example, help(anova) in MacAnova prints the same material that is given here.

The MacAnova distribution includes four help files (MacAnova.hlp, Design.hlp,
Tser.hlp, and Userfun.hlp) and the help sections of five macro files (Arima.mac, Graphics.mac, Math.mac, Mulvar.mac, and Regress.mac). Help topics from these files are arranged in nine sections below. Some topics in MacAnova.hlp have not been included here as they are primarily concerned with news about changes in MacAnova; these sections are: macanova, macanova3, news, old, and updates. The index topics in other files have also been deleted here.

All topics in these help and macro files are now accessible using help() and usage(). The use of special help macros such as regresshelp() and tserhelp() is no longer necessary.

All MacAnova help files can contain search keys for finding commands. For example, ``Plotting'' is a search key that can be used to find help topics related to plotting via the command help(key:"plotting"). Chapter 11 contains tables for each help file that list the help topics related to each search key.

This document is not an introduction to or explanation of how MacAnova itself works. For that, consult the MacAnova User's Guide by Oehlert and Bingham.

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Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15