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appendnotes(x,Notes), Notes a CHARACTER scalar or vector

Keywords: general, macros, variables
appendnotes(x, Notes) appends Notes to the notes "attached" to variable
x.  When x has notes, appendnotes(x, Notes) is equivalent to
attachnotes(x, vector(getnotes(x),Notes)).  When x does not have notes,
appendnotes(x, Notes) is equivalent to attachnotes(x,Notes).

x must be an existing variable of any type, including a structure, a
macro or a GRAPH variable.

Notes must be a CHARACTER scalar or vector, usually containing
descriptive or usage information about variable x.  When Notes is NULL,
any notes attached to x are not changed.

You can retrieve notes using getnotes().  You can test whether a
variable has notes attached using hasnotes().

See also topics 'notes', attachnotes(), getnotes(), hasnotes().

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15