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anymissing(x), x REAL, LOGICAL, or CHARACTER, returns True or False

Keywords: missing values, null variables
anymissing(x) returns the value True if x contains any missing values
and the value False otherwise.  x must be a vector, matrix, or array.
When x is CHAR, anymissing(x) is True if and only if any string in x is
empty ("").

When x is a NULL variable, anymissing(x) returns the value False.

anymissing(Str), where Str is a structure, returns a structure whose
non-structure components parallel those of Str, but are LOGICAL scalars,
indicating whether the corresponding component of Str contains any
missing values.  To test whether any component of a structure Str
contains any missing values, use if(sum(vector(anymissing(Str))) !=

  Cmd> vector(anymissing(vector(1,5,?)),anymissing(vector("A","B","")))
  (1) T       T

  Cmd> vector(anymissing(vector(1,5,7)),anymissing(vector("A","B","C")))
  (1) F       F

  Cmd> anymissing(structure(a1:vector(1,5,?),a2:vector("A","B","C")))
  component: a1
  (1) T
  component: a2
  (1) F

See also topics ismissing(), 'NULL'.

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15