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x <- enterchars(str1 str2 str3 ...) , strI a non-quoted sequence of
   visible characters, separated by spaces.

Keywords: input
x <- enterchars(Str1 Str2 ...) is equivalent to x <- vector("Str1",
"Str2", ...)  allowing easy entry of CHARACTER data without the need to
type quotes (") or commas (,).  Str1, Str2, ... must consist of visible
characters which are not commas or '#' and be separated by spaces, tabs
or commas.

You cannot use enterchars() to enter CHARACTER elements which contain
commas or any kind of invisible characters such as spaces or tabs.

  Cmd> names <- enterchars(Henry Susan Bill Rene)

enterchars() is implemented as a pre-defined macro using vecread().

See also topics vecread(), enter().

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15