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How to download MacAnova

Note: MacAnova is no longer maintained and we recommend R, which is available from

You can download just one file and have everything needed for a standard installation on Windows or Mac OS X. For the Macintosh, the file is a disk image (.dmg file); for Windows the file is an installer program.

Choose the version in which you are interested:

  • MacAnova for Mac OS X (Universal, OS X 10.6 and up)
  • MacAnova for Mac OS X (PPC only, OS X 10.4-6?)
  • MacAnova for Windows
  • Note: for modern versions of Windows, you will need to download, extract 3 .dll files and copy them to the "C:\Program Files (x86)\MacAnova\" directory.
  • Source files for MacAnova version 5 (all platforms)

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