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The "MacAnova User's Guide" is Technical Report 617 from the School of Statistics, University of Minnesota, as revised September 1998. It is a comprehensive (several hundred pages) guide to what MacAnova does and how it works. The User's Guide is for version 4.07, release 1 of MacAnova.

The User's Guide consists of eleven chapters and six appendices (plus Table of Contents, Preface, etc). It is broken up into several Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files, generally representing chapters. There is also a README file for the User's Guide.

The User's Guide is included in the standard installation for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. For Windows and Linux, the documentation is in the SharedSupport/docs subdirectory of whereever you installed MacAnova. For Mac OS X, the documentation is in the docs folder on the installer disk image.

You may also obtain the individual PDF files from the links in the table below.

Before downloading any Users' Guide files, you may want to view the Table of Contents as a web page.

MacAnova Users' Guide parts downloadable as Acrobat PDF files

Table of Contents 11 pages 32K

Preface 2 pages 10K
Chapter 1 Introduction 6 pages 29K
Chapter 2a The Basics, part 1 35 pages 131K
Chapter 2b The Basics, part 2 42 pages 163K
Chapter 3 Linear Models 56 pages 210K
Chapter 4 Generalized Linear Models and Robustness 10 pages 47K
Chapter 5 Time Series 39 pages 210K
Chapter 6 Other Functions 24 pages 102K
Chapter 7 Files 30 pages 106K
Chapter 8 Advanced Features 34 pages 120K
Chapter 9 Programming MacAnova 37 pages 123K
Chapter 10 Examples 46 pages 134K
Chapter 11 Summary of Usage 21 pages 93K
Appendix A Commands by Topic 4 pages 15K
Appendix B MacAnova on a Macintosh 21 pages 217K
Appendix C MacAnova on MS-DOS 9 pages 44K
Appendix D MacAnova on Windows 10 pages 49K
Appendix E MacAnova on Unix (nonwindowed) 4 pages 25K
Appendix F MacAnova on Motif 3 pages 24K
References 2 pages 10K

For your convenience, we have grouped the files from the User's Guide into two bundles; the first bundle contains the Preface, Table of Contents and Chapters 1 - 6, whereas the second contains Chapters 7 - 11 and the Appendices.

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