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Graduate Minor Programs

The School of Statistics offers minor programs for both the MS and PhD degrees. The minors are for graduate students in other programs wishing to gain a broader understanding of statistical methods.

Master's Minor

The master's minor requires at least 9 semester credits in 4xxx, 5xxx, or 8xxx statistics courses. This minor is appropriate for master's students, PhD students must do the doctoral minor. The final exam committee must include one member from the School of Statistics.

Doctoral Minor

The doctoral minor requires familiarity with various statistical methods (for example, from courses such as Stat 5201, 5302, 5303, 5401, 5421, or 5601). Statistical courses offered by other departments do not count towards the minor. Typical doctoral minor programs contain 14 to 18 semester credits. The prelim oral exam and final oral exam committees must include 1 member from the School of Statistics.

Process for Minor Approval

All statistics minors must be approved by the director of graduate studies (DGS). This is accomplished by having the DGS approve the degree program form. When you are ready to complete this form, deliver it to the School of Statistics office in 313 Ford Hall. If everything is in order, then the DGS will sign it and make copies for our files if necessary. The forms can either be returned to you or sent somewhere else such as the Graduate School if that is what you prefer.