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Other Statistical Resources

This page provides links to a variety of statistical resources within the University, to statistical package providers, and to other useful resources.

Within the University

  • The Biostatistical Design and Analysis Center is a service component of the Academic Health Center, and provides a wide range of statistical and/or computer services. These include study planning, designing of forms, data management, statistical analysis, and results summarization. The lab can also arrange for data coding and data entry.
  • For researchers in the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD), the Office of Research Consultation and Services provides statistical consulting, with special expertise in SPSS.
  • University site licenses are available for JMP, SPSS, and SAS through Academic and Distributed Computing Services. For assistance downloading software, installing software, and applying license validation, call 1-HELP or contact
  • Are you working with animal or human subjects? Guidelines for protecting the interests of your subjects are given by the Research subjects protection programs.
  • The Minnesota Center for Survey Research (MCSR) provides survey research services to University faculty and administration, state and local government agencies, and nonprofit organizations working on issues of public policy in Minnesota. They also provide consultation in areas such as study and questionnaire design, survey administration, data file construction, and data analysis.
  • The Office of Measurement Services provides a variety of consulting, measurement, optical scanning, and data processing services which support the research and teaching activities of the University of Minnesota that may be available to outside users as well.


  • The SAS Institute for the SAS package.
  • The JMP home page.
  • The Minitab home page.
  • SPSS for the SPSS package.
  • MacAnova is a locally produced free software package that is quite similar to Splus.
  • Arc is a locally produced free software package for regression analysis and graphics.
  • The Splus statistical package, based on the S package developed at Bell Labs.
  • The R project is an international cooperative effort similar to Linux for the maintanence and development of a statistical package called R that is available without charge for most operating systems. R can do almost anything, and there are lots of books that can help as well (almost anything that runs with S or Splus will work with R).
  • A very simple, intuitive power calculator, by Russ Lenth at the University of Iowa, will be useful for many people.
  • Draw random sample in various ways using the form at
  • A guide to free statistical software is also available.

Other Resources