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The Lynn Y.S. Lin

Statistical Consulting Center


We have offices in 390 Ford Hall on the Minneapolis campus and 48 McNeal Hall and 295L AS/VM on the St. Paul campus.

Making an appointment

We only provide in-person consultations made by appointment; walk-in, telephone, and email consultations are not available.

To make an appointment, please email with

  • your full name, department (avoiding abbreviations), and university affiliation (faculty, student, or staff)
  • the name of your advisor or supervising faculty member (if student or staff)
  • the fund number to charge (unless CLA or CVM), the name of the person authorizing the charge, and the name and email of your department financial staff person
  • a brief summary of your research and statistical issues (if you also need assistance implementing the analysis in software, please also indicate your software preference)
  • what level of assistance you are looking for (just advice and guidance? some help with analysis during meetings? us to do analysis and give you a written report?
  • preferred location (McNeal Hall or AS/VM in St. Paul, or Ford Hall in Minneapolis)
  • the phrase “statistical consulting appointment” somewhere in the title or body of the email, to prevent your message from being filtered as spam

Before you come, please read about our expectations and eligibility requirements.

We usually make appointments about a week ahead, so don't wait until the last minute to get help!

Current Rates

The Statistical Consulting Center is a fee-for-service organization with an hourly consulting rate. Current rates are $200/hour for appointments and $80 per person-hour for independent work.

Researchers from the College of Veterinary Medicine are eligible for free consulting; see below for details. Other colleges or departments are also invited to consider funding this service centrally to better support research within their unit; for more information, please contact the Consulting Manager, Aaron Rendahl.

Acknowledgement, including co-authorship, is appropriate when our work on the project warrants it; it is not appropriate as a substitute for funding.

College of Veterinary Medicine: The College of Veterinary Medicine has provided funding to sponsor this service through an investment by each of the three departments, the Research Office, and Academic Affairs. To better serve CVM researchers, Consulting Manager Aaron Rendahl has a part time office in 295T Animal Science/Veterinary Medicine.

Researchers from the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) and non-veterinary researchers in the Academic Health Center (AHC) will first be referred to the statistical consulting organizations within those units; the Office of Research Consultation and Services for CEHD and the Biostatistical Design and Analysis Center for AHC.

  • About Us
    General information about the consulting center, including what a consultation can look like.
  • Locations
    We have offices on both the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses.
  • Making an appointment
    What information we need to set up an appointment.
  • Current Rates
    Current rates, and information on funding to provide no-cost assistance to CVM researchers.
  • Contact Information
    How to reach any of our current staff.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Answers to many questions about our service.