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    Text Extensions

    This section contains documents that extend the scope of the text book Applied Regression Including Computing and Graphics. Check back occasionally for additions to this section.

    Add-ons files that can be read by Arc are also given on this page. These files end in ".lsp" or ".fsl", and should be put in your Extras directory, and the file will be then be loaded automatically whenever you start Arc. To download and save the file, hold down the mouse button (the right mouse button on Windows) and select Save this link as, or Download to disk, depending on your browser. Your browser my add a suffix ".txt" to the file name when saving; if so, you need to rename the file deleting the ".txt". If you decide you don't want to use this code any more, simply move it to another directory, or change its name so it does not end in ".lsp" (or ".fsl"). Most add-ons also have documentation, either as an html document or in a pdf file.

    New Features
    This pdf file describes the new features added to the program since 1999. In particular, there is an introduction to generalized nonlinear models and to partial-one dimensional models. Also, the changes to the regression dialog are described. Updated July, 2004.
    Simulations using Arc
    Basic ideas for using Arc for simulations are presented in simulate.pdf. Download the accompanying file simulate.lsp for Windows or Linux/Unix or for Macintosh and put it in your Extras directory to use this code.
    Bootstraps using Arc, Revised October 9, 2001 (contributed by I. Pardoe)
    Basic ideas for using Arc for bootstraps are presented in bootmethREV.pdf. Download the accompanying file boot.lsp for Windows, Linux/Unix or for Macintosh. The original documentation for the bootstrap had more examples, and is available here.
    Extending Arc
    Provides an outline for adding methods to Arc, including sample computer code.
    Inverse Regression
    Inverse regression methods (SIR, SAVE, and pHd) are available in Arc. DimRed.pdf provides documentation for their use. Arc Extras (that should be put in your Extras folder/directory) are also available for computing permutation tests for these methods, in the file permtest.lsp, for Linux/Unix or Windows and for Macintosh.

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    Last modified: July 9 2004