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Ares Plots in Arc

Sanford Weisberg
Department of Applied Statistics, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN 55108-6042.
Supported by National Science Foundation Grant DUE 97-52887.

October 4, 1999


This paper describes an Arc add-in for drawing Ares plots.


Ares plots were proposed by R. D. Cook and S. Weisberg (1989), Regression diagnostics with dynamic graphics, Technometrics, p. 279. They were included in R-code, version 1, but since they are not described in Applied Regression Including Computing and Graphics, they have been removed from Arc. However, they can be easily returned to Arc.

Getting the Code

  You can download the file ares.lsp for Windows or Unix, or for Macintosh, and place the file. in the Extras subdirectory of your Arc directory. It will be loaded each time you start Arc.

Using ares

  The use of this method is described in R. D. Cook and S. Weisberg (1994), An Introduction to Regression Graphics, Wiley, p. 195-200. Code is also provided to use these plots with generalized linear models.

S Weisberg
Mon Oct 4 16:11:26 CDT 1999